Pilot Jones

To god be the glory!

When will you be a distant memory.

Frank Frank



All of these dudes lie and cheat


Why are guys so rude.
You see the text and you look over it.
No response,  like how do you do that.
I’ve done it
Maybe its my expectations
What do I have to lose

That’s what he said…

Okay, that’s good. You’ve just got to believe that someone will come who will be everything that you want them to be. Who accepts you for strengths and weaknesses. Your highs and lows. Your flaws and all. It’s not easy. Life isn’t easy. Some of these guys are only meant to be a lesson so you’ll get stronger and be aware of the same niggas. You seem like you want a lot in life, the truth is a lot of these niggas don’t know what they want. Your more mature then they are. Make sure you learn something from all these lovers and I promise you someday a winner will come into your circle when you least expect it. Things don’t happen on our time they happen on the Lord’s. And when the Lord wants you to meet that man who will be everything you’ve ever imagined and more, that man will show up